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Organic Kids T-Shirt "Zebra"

Organic Kids T-Shirt "Zebra"

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Organic Kids T-Shirt "Zebra"

For young sports enthusiasts who are active in agility and dog sports , the organic kids' T-shirt "Zebra" is the perfect choice! This cool and comfortable T-shirt is not only suitable for dog sports , but is also ideal for everyday use.

With its eye-catching zebra design, this shirt brings fun and style to any outfit. The unisex fit makes it suitable for youth of all genders.

The organic kids' T-shirt "Zebra" is not only stylish, but also sustainably produced. The shirt is made from organically grown cotton, which not only protects the environment, but is also comfortable to wear.

Product details:

  • Product type: T-shirts
  • Target group: Young people
  • Design: Zebra
  • Area of ​​use: Suitable for slip and slalom, as well as for everyday use
  • Material: Organically grown cotton
  • Fit: Unisex

Show your love for agility and dog sports in style! Get the organic kids' T-shirt "Zebra" now and be ready for any sporting challenge.

Buy now and show off your agility in style!

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