Unique portraits of your beloved four-legged friend

Here's your chance to get a truly unique and artfully hand-crafted picture of your loved one. While more photos can help us better capture your sweetheart's personality, a few expressive pictures are enough to highlight a true character trait! As soon as you provide us with your material, we'll get started. Please give us a little time and you'll soon be able to admire our digital masterpiece. If you want this work of art to grace your walls, we work with a fantastic partner who will send your picture to you in high-quality print directly to your home. Once the portrait is finished, we would love to present it on our website with your consent to show others what is possible. Just let us know what you have in mind and we'll get back to you. We can't wait to put your loved one in the spotlight!

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  • 119€

    Your four-legged friend immortalized with his entire character.

  • +30€

    For each additional dog we charge a fixed price.

  • +35€

    Tell us your setting - be it on the course, at home, etc. We will create a suitable background.

  • from 24€

    We print the portrait on canvas, posters, t-shirts and much more!

The process

Share photos and ideas

  • Send me your favorite photos of your dog.
  • Tell me what makes your dog special and unique.
  • Tell me the intended use and I can adjust the format, resolution, etc.
  • For example, if you want to have it printed, this is important information.


I will send you the payment information. Once you have made the payment, we can get started.

Communication and discuss details

  • We communicate to ensure that the portrait reflects your dog's personality and characteristics.
  • Trust that I will capture the character and look forward to it!

Drafts and feedback

If you don’t like something at all, talk about it openly and honestly.

Digital delivery

  • You will always receive a digital version via email.

Print with us

  • If desired, the image can also be printed on materials such as canvas, posters or clothing.
  • There are great discounts for this combination, so just ask!